Hidden Springs Nursery


Hidden Springs Nursery will be transitioning over the next few seasons to just selling a few of our most popular items in the future. This means that once we sell out of some things we will be refunding and no longer taking backorders. We apologize if this causes any confusion with your orders. There may be limited quantities of items we used to sell, please inquire by email before ordering. We still have Azarole. Big Red mayhaw, a few apple trees, a few "Supermol" medlar, some Noire of Spain mulberry, a few fig plants, and Chester Thornless blackberry.


Hidden Springs Nursery
170 Hidden Springs Lane
Cookeville, TN 38501


(the best way to reach us)



(931) 268-2592

We do not have retail hours but orders can be picked up by appointment and includes a packing fee, amount depending on the number of packages. Nursery tours can be arranged by appointment(except in March, April, May, and November) for $15 per person. Please email or call at least a week in advance to set up an appointment and get directions.

Please understand that, as a two person business, there is no one to answer the phone unless it is mealtime or after working hours. Good times to try are between noon and 1, and 6pm and 8pm central time. We do have an answering machine.