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(malus domestica)

Hidden Springs Nursery

We graft semi-dwarf ( EMLA 106) trees that will mature at 12-16' but can be kept smaller. All varieties listed are resistant to fireblight, cedar apple rust, and mildew. Order at least two different varieties for cross-pollination. 2-4' $15 each.

We have a limited supply this season (Nov. 2021-April 2022) so please inquire before placing an order.

Apple Variety

Do you have an old apple tree that you'd like to save or does a friend have a tree that you'd like to have? We can custom graft from your scion. Cost is $17.00 per tree, prepaid. We'll send you detailed instructions on how to collect the scion wood.

Aronia (S)

(aronia melanocarpa)

Hidden Springs Nursery

These ornamental, native shrubs have white flowers, black berries, and red autumn foliage. While some eat the berries fresh, we prefer them as jelly or juice. Zones 3-9.
$13 each.

Arionia Variety

Azarole (S)

(Crataegus x Lavallei.)

Hidden Springs Nursery

A small European hawthorn (to 10') with tasty orange fruit and glossy reddish-green foliage. Blooms profusely in late spring with fall ripening. Berry-sized fruit that makes a jelly similar to apple jelly. Self-fertile. Zones 5-8.
1-3' $13.00 each.


(rubus ulmifolius)

Zones 5-8. 5 for $25 or 10 for $41

Quantity/Total Price


(Vaccinium Ashei)

We've grown rabbiteye blueberries for over 25 years as a cash crop. In Spring, they have pretty bell-shaped flowers and,in Fall, the foliage is a striking red. Blueberries make good hedges and container plants. They need plenty of water and acid soil, so treat them as you would a rhododendron or azalea. They grow 6-8 ft. Order both varieties for cross-pollination. Zone 6-9.
3 year plants $13 each or 10 for $120

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Bush Cherry, Nanking (S)

(prunus tomentosa)

Hidden Springs Nursery

An early blooming, very attractive shrub to 8 ft. with pink blossoms, light green foliage, and tasty cherry-like fruit. Birds and children really love these spring fruits. For heavier bearing, order two or more. Zones 3-6. Cannot ship to CA.
Seedlings $13.00 each.

Cherry, Sour (S)

(prunus cerasus on mahaleb rootstock)

Hidden Springs Nursery

Drought tolerant but requires a well-drained soil.
These trees do well with our late frosts and are virtually maintenance free once established. Grows to about 12' and produces slightly sweet cherries that can be eaten fresh or in pies. Self-fertile. Zones 4-8. Cannot ship to CA.
2-4' $19.00 each.

We have a limited supply this season (Nov. 2021-April 2022) so please inquire before placing an order.

Citrus (S)

(Flying Dragon)

Hidden Springs Nursery

Trifoliate orange - The only member of the citrus family that will grow outdoors this far north. Unlike other citrus, it loses its leaves, leaving its green and twisty branches to grace the landscape in winter. The fruit is sour and seedy but can be used like a lemon. Interesting twisted, dwarfing habit with thorns. Makes a great living fence. Grows to 7' Zones 6-9. Can not ship to CA, FL, or TX.
$11 each.

Cornelian Cherry (S)

(cornus mas)

Hidden Springs Nursery

This member of the dogwood family sports yellow flowers against bare bark in early spring before forsythia. The fall fruit's distinctive, rich flavor is somewhat like a pie cherry but more complex and can be eaten fresh or made into jam, juice, wine , and tarts. This small tree or shrub grows to 15'. Zones 4-7

1-3' $19.00 each

Cornelian Cherry Variety

Cranberry, Highbush (S)

(viburnum trilobum)

This shrub (8-12') is very ornamental with its panicles of white, hydrangea like flowers in late spring and clusters of bright red berries in fall. The fruit, which has one seed, can be used as a cranberry substitute and is tasty dried. Popular with birds and tolerates some shade. Zones 3-7.
1 yr plants $13.00 each.

Currant (S)

(ribes species)

Hidden Springs Nursery

The flowers of Crandall black currant bushes are golden yellow, have a long tubular form usually tipped with red, and emit a spicy clove fragrance. Red currant flowers are not showy but the red "strigs" of fruit are quite beautiful. In the South, plant in partial shade. Zones 3-7.
1-3' $13.00 each. Cannot ship to DE, MA, ME, NC, NH, NJ.


Fig (S)

(ficus carica)

Hidden Springs Nursery

These lush plants can be grown in pots in the North and brought into a protected area for the Winter. They can also be planted outside, but should be protected from very low temps with hay or leaves. We grow ours as multi-trunked bushes and usually prune back to about 4' and cover them after the first light frost and before the real cold hits. It takes about two hours to cover five bushes, but the fresh figs are worth it. Zones 6 (with protection) to 10.
$13 each.


Gooseberry (S)(N)

(ribes hirtellum)

Hidden Springs Nursery

These handsome (3 - 5') shrubs bear a year after planting and prefer partial shade in the South . The fruit is slightly tart and can be eaten fresh or cooked into a pie or fool - a wonderful whipped cream confection. Both varieties are disease resistant. Zones 3-7.1-3'
$13 each. Cannot ship to DE, MA, ME, NC, NH, NJ.


Goumi (S)

(elaeagnus multiflora)

Hidden Springs Nursery

This "cherry elaeagnus" is similar to autumn olive in flavor. The delicious berries are larger and ripen in early summer. They are also good dried when the one seed becomes unnoticeable. This plant is shrubbier than autumn olive and has never been accused of invasiveness. Nitrogen fixer. Zones 5-9.
2 year plants, $17.00 each.

Juneberry (S)

(amelanchier species)

Hidden Springs Nursery

Relatively trouble free, these plants can take our late frosts. Though it looks a bit like a blueberry, the fruit makes a finer pie as baking brings out the almond flavor of the seeds. Good fresh eating and the birds love them. Zones 4-8.
$13 each.


(actinidia arguta)

Hidden Springs Nursery

This hardy kiwi is a vigorous vine without any pest or disease problems. Compared to the New Zealand kiwi usually found in the supermarket, this fruit is smaller (like a large grape), sweeter (with a lime-pineapple flavor), and has no fuzz. Our main producer is over 30 years old and yields about 250 pounds of fruit. Young vines need to be protected from frost for the first year or two. Special care instructions included with your order. Zones 5-9.
$15 each or trio (2 female,1 male) for $41

We have a limited supply this season (Nov. 2021-April 2022) so please inquire before placing an order.

Quantity/Total Price

Mayhaw (S)

(crataegus aestivalis and opaca)

Hidden Springs Nursery

Ripening in May, the lacquer-red fruits can be eaten fresh but are best when made into the unusually delicious jam famous in the south. Also used in pies, syrups, butters, and wines. Requiring little care, these native, long-lived trees are small (to 12'), densely branched, and have delicate white flowers tinged with a pink blush. Self-fertile but does better with another variety. Zones 6-9.
1-3' $13.00 each.

The following were selected by T.O. Warren in Mississippi and have done the best for us here.



(mespilus germanica)

Hidden Springs Nursery

We offer the following two Italian varieties that have both done well in our hot and humid climate and produce large, flavorful fruit
1-3' $16.00 each.


Melon Tree (S)

(cudrania tricuspidata grafted onto osage orange)

Hidden Springs Nursery

From Central China, these attractive trees have grown to 15' and stayed relatively compact for us. Also known as Che or Chinese mulberry, this tree is a member of the Moraceae family which includes figs and mulberries. Fall ripening fruits are bright, rose-pink when ripe, about the size of a cherry, and taste like watermelon mixed with fig. Pest free. Zone range seems to be 6-9 though we do know people in 5 growing them.

Male and female trees available. Order both to insure pollination. If space is a problem, the CA Rare Fruit Growers website suggests planting them about a foot apart and growing them as one tree - pruning them to 25% male and 75% female.
2-4' $19.00 each.


Mulberry (S)

(morus species)

Hidden Springs Nursery

After a long winter, these beautiful trees present us with the first fruits of the season. They taste a bit like blackberries without the large seeds or thorns. People are often surprised at how good they taste and birds will choose them over other fruits. The trees can grow to 30' and need 15' of spread on each side. For those with less space, summer pruning can keep them to about 10'. Self-fertile, grows fast, and fruits early.
Zones 5-8 (possibly 9). 2-4' $21.00 each.

Variety / Price


(asimina triloba)

Hidden Springs Nursery

A native fruit tree growing to 15'. Fruits have a rich custard-like flavor and consistency. Usually an understory tree in the wild, this makes an attractive, large leafed tree in full sun. (It is helpful to give partial shading for the first year.)

We have many years of experience growing pawpaws. Pawpaws have a reputation for transplanting difficulty but we have found that timing, root quality and fertile, well-drained soil make all the difference. Our pawpaws are grown in pots to keep their taproots intact and we are successfully shipping them bareroot. Our special care instructions are included with your order. Order two different varieties for pollination (unless self-fertile). Zones 5-9. We offer a large selection of varieties that have been chosen for superior fruit. Please list substitutes as there are limited numbers of each variety. We will always substitute slightly smaller plants unless otherwise instructed.
All grafted trees 1-2' $21.00 each. KSU Atwood™ & KSU Benson™ - $22 each (ALL KSU Varieties but Atwood™ sold out until Nov. 2021)


The Pawpaw Foundation

Join and help promote North America's largest native edible fruit. Like most members, we are always interested in sharing growing experiences with other pawpaw enthusiasts. Find helpful info at www.pawpaw.kysu.edu


(pyrus species)

Hidden Springs Nursery

All pears that we offer are fireblight- resistant varieties and tested in our fireblight prone orchard. Asian pears bloom earlier and will need each other, or possibly Turnbull, to cross-pollinate. Zones 5-8 (and 6-9 for Asians) .
2-4' $15.00 each.


We can custom graft from your scion for $17 a tree.


(diospyros virginiana)

Hidden Springs Nursery

Grafted trees of selected, improved native persimmon. Fruits taste a bit like apricot mixed with cinnamon. A beautiful tree growing to 30' with mottled bark and attractive, shiny foliage. Spectacular in fruit. Zones 5-8.
1-2' $21.00 each. Cannot ship to CA.



(rubus idaeus)

"Heritage" - Cut the canes to the ground in Winter. The new canes will bear their first crop from August to frost. The following year, if you don't cut them down, you should have a crop in June and again in fall. Zones 4-7.
5 for $25.00 or 10 for $41.00.

Quantity/Total Price

Rose Hips

(rosa rugosa)

Hidden Springs Nursery

Growing 4 to 6' with 3" single pink flowers. Good hedge plant. Zones 3-8.
$13 each.



Hidden Springs Nursery

A beautiful bush with light green, fern-like foliage and red berries in cone shaped clusters. The berry juice makes an excellent lemonade-like drink. Attracts songbirds, butterflies, and bees. Zone 4-9.
$13 each.

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